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Zenblen: Origin Story

You finally get out of bed after hitting snooze a couple times. You put your workout clothes on, brush your teeth, grab your bag, and get to the gym right as your class is about to start. After, you feel great. Accomplished after your workout, and ready to tackle your day. As you leave the gym and head to work, you grab your water bottle and a granola bar to eat on the way. You wish you had time to go home and make your favorite protein smoothie, but there’s no time and nowhere to buy one. By about 10am, you’re already starving and wish you had something healthy and more filling for breakfast.

This is the story for so many people, and this is why Zenblen started.

Tom Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO, was very good at making his smoothie in the morning, but his colleagues told him this story over and over again. They talked about how there’s no place to buy a healthy smoothie, and they never made them at home because they hated cleaning the blender and never had ingredients. So, Tom began making smoothies for his colleagues every Friday morning. These “Smoothie Fridays” became a tradition, and he saw the drastic improvement it made in people’s lives by starting their days off with something delicious, wholesome and healthy.

We keep hearing that people love smoothies, but that they’re too difficult to incorporate into everyday life. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a smoothie fanatic like Tom in their office.

This is the inspiration for Zenblen. We aim to bring healthy and convenient smoothies everywhere through a robotic kiosk. Standing about the size of a vending machine, you will walk up to it at your gym or office, order your smoothie on the touch screen, and ingredients will dispense and blend right in front of you. The goal is to create a fresh smoothie on the spot with wholesome ingredients and no chemicals or preservatives.

We are so excited to be on this journey of healthy and convenient food. Soon, smoothies will be as ubiquitous as your daily cup of coffee!

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