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Smoothie Fridays!

Happy Smoothie Friday! Every Friday we introduce you to someone new: trainers, gym owners, Zenblen team members etc., and we highlight their favorite smoothie. Each blog lists the full smoothie recipe so you can make the featured smoothie right at home! To top things off, we ask our nutritionist to look over the recipes and give his take on a nutritional level, ensuring you learn the health benefits behind each great tasting smoothie!

Smoothie Friday’s: Arielle Balaskovits

Arielle is the community marketing manager for Under Armour Chicago. She partners with local gym owners and fitness trainers to put on amazing events at the Under Armour Brand House on Michigan Ave. She uses the Under Armour platform and her store to unite the Chicago fitness community!

Her favorite smoothie:

- 1 handful frozen spinach

- 1/2 cup diced cauliflower

- 1 frozen banana

- 1 cup frozen blueberries

- sprinkle of chia seeds

- 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen

- 1 cup (or more for preference) oat milk

I am always on the go and love anything quick and tasty - this is my go-to smoothie!” -Arielle

Our Nutritionist’s take:

“Arielle has a great, nutrient packed smoothie here! First, the spinach she adds is full of Vitamins A, K, and C as well as folate. The cauliflower she adds is also very high in antioxidants that keep cells healthy, fiber that helps digestion and satiety, and B-vitamins which directly impact energy levels and brain function. The chia seeds and blueberries are also great sources of fiber! Finally, collagen protein is great for supporting healthy tissues and joints. Overall, this is a great smoothie full of nutrients!”

-Connor, Zenblen Nutritionist

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