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Smoothie Friday's: Get Your Greens!

Happy Smoothie Friday! Every Friday we introduce you to someone new: trainers, gym owners, Zenblen team members etc., and we highlight their favorite smoothie. Each blog lists the full smoothie recipe so you can make the featured smoothie right at home! To top things off, we ask our nutritionist to look over the recipes and give his take on a nutritional level, ensuring you learn the health benefits behind each great tasting smoothie!

Smoothie Friday’s: Kelly Matkovich

Kelly is the Sr. Director of Communities for aSweatLife, a wellness media company based in Chicago. Kelly loves the energy of big city living and traveling to areas with exquisite cuisine, culture and the outdoors. Kelly is a certified meetings and events professional with over a

decade of experience in logistics and event production. She finds vitality in movement and is a NASM certified personal trainer. She cares deeply for humans and their well-being. Her focus is to inspire individuals through uniquely crafted experiences, wellness events and community.

Her favorite smoothie:

- Kale

- Spinach

- Ginger

- Banana

- Green apple

- Celery

- Almond milk

- Chia seeds

- Protein powder

- Ice

“Let me list the reasons I love smoothies: 1. Healthy breakfast option 2. You can pack so many fruits and veggies in one meal 3. You can eat the rainbow 4. You can make a really quick breakfast by this simple hack: prep all your ingredients and store in individual bags in your freezer!” - Kelly

Our Nutritionist’s take:

“Kelly’s smoothie contains an excellent variety of different ingredients starting with two of my favorite cruciferous vegetables: spinach and kale. Both are high in vitamin A, which plays a vital role in maintaining her body’s natural defenses. These vegetables also provide high levels of magnesium which helps increase Kelly’s energy levels to help her get through her day to day activities. The addition of ginger also supports immunity. Ginger is a natural antimicrobial and contains gingerol, a bioactive substance that can help lower her risk of infections. Then there is celery: with its high-water content (almost 95 percent) and generous amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, it helps support a healthy digestive tract. Finally, the Chia seeds. These tiny seeds are packed with antioxidants, and they are an excellent source of protein. Their great balance of essential amino acids makes them the perfect additive to refuel after a workout. Blending these ingredients together gives Kelly a smoothie that not only tastes great, but also packs all these health benefits in one glass!”

-Connor, Zenblen Nutritionist

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