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Healthy Habits Around the Holidays

The holiday season is always a special time - more time spent with family, less time at work, and lots of tasty food! While this year may look a little different than others, grocery displays of eggnog and Christmas cookies still surround us. If you have spent 2020 focused on prioritizing your health, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the temptations of the holidays looming.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep up healthy habits around the holidays:

1. Get moving when you can

When I have the chance to be home with family, I love to go for morning or evening walks with my family and the dogs. Not only is a great way to get some steps in, but it's a nice chance to talk and catch up with family at the same time. Walking can be great for digestion as well, so if you're feeling sluggish after a big holiday meal, a walk around the block might be just what you need!

Staying close to home this holiday season? Reach out to a friend who isn't traveling, and go for a walk to check out the local holiday lights!

2. Start your day with a nutrient-rich base

One of the things I love to do around this time of year is starting my day with a meal that I know will give me a big dose of nutrients that I might not get later. Starting your day with a veggie-packed omelet or a delicious Zenblen smoothie creates a great base for the remainder of the day. A protein-packed breakfast might also keep you full longer to prevent you from overdoing it at the snack table or sneaking into the cookie stash before dinner.

3. Focus on your mental health as well

While eating well and getting your steps in are important to physical health, don't forget to focus on your mental health as well. Really soak up the time with loved ones if you are able to safely do so in person, or set up video chats to "be" with family and friends you may not be able to see in-person.

If the holidays or time with family can be overwhelming for you, don't forget to take time for yourself. Schedule a 30 minute block for a quick yoga flow, a guided meditation, or some extra time with your therapist if needed.

Most importantly,

don't forget that the holiday season only comes once a year. Enjoy the cookies, cheesy TV movies, and don't stress too much about making perfect healthy choices at every turn. When the season passes, you will appreciate the memories you created more than anything else.

Happy Holidays!

Kate Egan, MBA, RDN is a friend, fellow smoothie lover, and Registered Dietician who currently works at Glanbia Nutritionals. We love surrounding ourselves with experts in nutrition and hearing their advice!

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