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Chicago, IL

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Smoothie Questions:

Kiosk Questions:

Where can I find a kiosk?

Right now we are partnering with boutique gym locations. Places that have a smaller footprint and can't quite fit a smoothie bar. We do plan on expanding to other locations such as office buildings, airpots, etc. If you have a place you would love a Zenblen kiosk, please reach out to us here!

How big is the kiosk?

It's about the size of a normal vending machine.

How do I get a kiosk in my location?

We would love to chat about this! Reach out here.

When will a Zenblen kiosk be available?

We will be launching our pilot locations in 2020. If you have any questions or are interested in having a kiosk in your location, please reach out!

How do the ingredients stay fresh?

We only use frozen fruits and vegetables in our kiosks. We do this so there is both minimized risk of spoilage as well as need to add ice to our smoothies (more nutrition packed in per ounce)! There is also the added bonus that freshly frozen fruits and veggies are better for you since they are frozen at peak ripeness and lock in all of their maximum nutrients!

How do I know the smoothies are good for me?

All of our recipes are nutritionist curated, and we are always transparent about what goes into each one of our smoothies. Whether you are at one of our community engagement events, or ordering form the kiosk, we will list out all fo the ingredients and nutritional content of your smoothie.

What's in the smoothie? 

We only use wholesome ingredients. No added sugar or preservatives. Our recipes combine freshly frozen fruits and vegetables, nut milk, and sometimes protein, Greek yogurt, and spices depending on the recipe.

How big are the smoothies? 

We are starting off with a 12 ounce serving size.